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2022-2023 Annual Reports

Thank you to all the leaders who generously give of their time and talents to make the ministry of Caring Community Church possible. Together, we are helping people come to know Jesus Christ and His saving love that transforms lives, families and communities.

During the 2022-2023 calendar year for Band of Brothers, we experienced the following highlights:


  1. Band of Brothers averaged 21 guys a meeting over the past 11 months that we met. 


  1. We saw God’s hand answer prayer for a member who was dealing with a very serious health issue in his family.  Through the laying on of hands, the support was felt and ultimately, the disease went away. 


  1. Several new faces in the gatherings as well as new guys presenting on topics that helped men with their daily lives.  In 2023, we added some “Life Skills” segments including household repairs, goal setting, financial planning and connecting health and fitness physically and spiritually, all with scriptures blended in with the life lessons. 


  1. 7-8 service projects, many of which were tied to cutting, clearing wood due to storms.  


  1. We shared $ from fund raisers to support some families in need at Christmas. 


  1. Provided support for the Shoebox initiative for children in need at Christmas. 


  1. Added Jason Cunningham, as Service Project Coordinator to the leadership team within Band of Brothers. 

Submitted by Dan Ohmer

Caring ConnectSHEns

Women's Ministry

The Caring Core Team: Linda Ohmer, Molly Riddle, Allison Butters, Sheryl Willerick*, Lori Hollenbaugh, Rachel Smith, and Wendy Thompson.

  • We began the planning, praying, and delegating at our summer retreat held June 23, 2022.We learned it is beneficial for all to plan for the upcoming year ahead of time, although also remain flexible so we can make changes as needed.

  • Our attendance has been up and down, but beginning in January, and the months following, we have maintained anywhere from 20-50 ladies each month, with our March 20 event, (Janice Rigel Speaker) being our highest attendance (50). We have had over 60 different ladies attend this year, which is up significantly.

  • Our January meeting “Choose your word for 2023” was one of the more meaningful evenings, with several new ladies sharing their word, and their reasons for selecting it. Some tears, and heartfelt conversation was a blessing to many.

  • Our March meeting we had Christian speaker Janice Rigel lead the evening. We had 50 ladies in attendance, and everyone was blessed by her uplifting and encouraging message. A lot of planning and prep went into pulling this off!

  • We are planning our summer retreat for July 2023, where we will spend time reviewing the past year. We always glean so much from hearing from all the ladies on the Core, giving different viewpoints. We will spend time taking about leadership roles, and topics for the coming year, as well as praying and listening to what God is calling us to do. We have asked Pastor Tamar to come and speak to us for 20(ish) minutes and give us some of her vision for the coming year, and ways she feels we can improve and reach more women for Jesus.

I am thankful and blessed to assist in leading this wonderful ladies ministry along with the Core listed above, there is NO WAY I could do this without them, and all those who pitch in to help. God has been faithful to us, and we are building relationships with each other and with Him! I look forward to what the Lord has for us in the coming year! Thank you for allowing me to serve in this Ministry.

Linda Ohmer

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