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Keeping Christ at the center of Christmas

As the holidays approach, our kids get bombarded with messages about Santa, reindeer, elves, presents, decorations, candy, stockings, and so much more. It's easy for the true purpose of Christmas to get lost in all the commercialism. Scroll below for ideas on how to simplify & celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God who came into the world to offer peace, joy, and hope to all people.

Try playing "Wandering Wise Men" instead of Elf on the Shelf.

You can stage the Wise Men as having playful adventures each day as they travel closer to the manager to see baby Jesus. 

Watch these holiday movies that tell the true meaning of Christmas:

Throw a birthday party for Jesus.

Bake a birthday cake for Jesus. For gifts, make cards thanking Jesus for the good things He's done in your life.

Download the free Bible for Kids app. 

Through interactive adventures and beautiful animations, kids explore over 40 stories of the Bible, including the Christmas story. The Bible App for Kids is a delight-filled experience designed to encourage kids to return again and again. It’s the beginning of a lifelong love of God’s Word.

Click on this list of Christmas Activities that Focus on Jesus from Focus on the Family.
Follow the Wise Men's example of giving 3 gifts.

Some parents have found giving each child just 3 gifts helps combat materialism, shopping stress, clutter, and debt. The simplicity also allows more time for family activities. While some families have specific categories for their three gifts (something to wear, something to read, & something you want), other families leave it open for three gifts of any type.

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