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July Highlight: Spence Farmer

Why do you serve at Caring Community?

We all have gifts that God has blessed us with. Some are known and readily visible; others are buried under the surface and we don't even know we have that gift. I am a prime example of that. When we moved into our new church building and there was a need for a sound person, I felt a strong voice telling me to take on that responsibility. I didn't know anything about it, but God gave me the desire and the ability to learn, and I have felt the Holy Spirit with me and I am still learning with Him right beside me.

How long have you been serving at Caring Community?

I started attending CCC in 1982. I knew from the first Sunday that this was where I wanted to be, It was about 2 years after that I started serving. If I miss a Sunday, my week doesn't seem complete.

What area(s) do you serve in, or have you served in the past?

I have served on the LBA 3 different times, managed our church softball team, was on a cleaning team, helped with lawn mowing, helped with IT needs for Sundays and various other church events, and led the tech team.

What is something you would like to share to encourage others to volunteer?

In our Christian walk, as we learn about Jesus, who was the greatest servant ever, it’s a natural progression to also serve. I have found that over the years as I serve, that I am the one who receives the blessing. I would tell others not to be afraid or cautious to volunteer if the Holy is nudging you toward volunteering. You will be the one that is blessed 10-fold!


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